Maintenance Tips for Autumn



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Trim Miscanthus transmorrisonensis, Miscanthus ‘Sentinel’, and Pennisetum messiacum to the ground.
* Good time to divide Bearded Iris too!


Planting shrubs and trees this time of year gives them a nice cool season to become established. Good time to re-seed your lawn areas to fill in bare or sparse areas.

If you like to plant bulbs, it’s time for Daffodils, Narcissus, and Iris. If you are a California Poppy lover, fall is the time to plant those seeds. November is a good month to plant strawberries, or divide and re-plant!

Don’t forget to check out the winter hardy herbs at your favorite garden center.

For our veggie lovers, it’s time for planting barrels, bowls, or planters with lettuce, radishes, carrots, peas, and snow peas.

* Check out our article on vegetable tee-pees!


You can now begin watering summer dormant natives, and the succulents that tend to rot in the summer from too much water, such as Aloes, Aeoniums, Cotyledons, and


Mediterranean plants that thrive on rather dry soil conditions will now accept a little more water (i.e.) Cistus, Lavandulas, & Rosemary.


Continue to fertilize normally. If we are getting some rain, be sure to keep up with snail control. Keep an adequate mulch layer to aid in water conservation and erosion. As days grow shorter, it’s a good time to string some patio lights. Checking/cleaning the gutters along the roof are a good idea in preparation for possible rainy days.

You can often find patio furniture and pads on sale as well as barbeques and umbrellas.

Since we live in sunny California we have extended/year-round outdoor entertainment weather.

It’s also a great time to give the garage a good cleaning out after summer to make way for seasonal projects.

If you like birds to visit, fall is a great time to clean up and fill your bird feeders.