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Several years ago it became evident to us here at Waterwise Botanicals, that there exists a real need for education and learning when it comes to everything new that has exploded upon us in light of the drought emergency, and the need for more sustainable and efficient California landscaping.

We were well ahead of the curve on this, because it’s exactly what our passion and activity has been long before this last 3 years when it has changed from “smart,” to “necessary.”

The problem is, things have been the same for over 70 years, and folks really aren’t familiar with all the new innovations, or plant materials… (and frankly) how to handle them. So that’s why we created the WwB Institute of Higher Landscaping… so that both industry, and individuals, could learn about our “Waterwise Without the Compromise”® methodology, and have access to all the solutions and knowledge needed to make waterwise successful, easily maintained, and beautiful!

Classes will be scheduled here at the “campus” (Waterwise Botanicals). Commercial companies may also request on-site, or corporate training by contacting our office.