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Bromeliads: A New “Brom’-ance” For Our Gardens

Perhaps some of the most exotic and colorful plant families in the world are the Bromeliads, of our planet’s jungles and tropical zones. Well, we may not have tropical jungles here, but these resilient plants find themselves right at home in our gardens in the small and narrow spots against walls and between sidewalks, and shaded corners at doors and entryways. These are usually difficult environments in which to find colorful plants. But the Bromeliads bring color “over the top,” in our selection of brilliant foliage, to tuck into just these spots! They like some morning or afternoon sun (just eliminating the hottest part of the day), or filtered light (under edges of tree shadows). If your location is very coastal, then most varieties will even do well all day in full sun. Too much shade can cause them to lose their color. Bromeliads have a unique way of absorbing water, and they require overhead watering, though NOT with drip!

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