Agave lophantha quadricolor

Common Name: Agave ‘Brilliance’

Agave lophantha quadricolor, commonly known as Agave ‘Brilliance’ has striking rays of brilliant yellow against dark green, with some pink edging. A rugged Agave that stays on the “smallish” side, gaining only about 12-18” in height, and about 2 to 2 ½ ‘ wide when mature. Will cluster with babies, rarely sends up flower stems. Great in full sun, or part shade. Hardy to at lows of 10-20 degrees. Excellent in Las Vegas and other colder desert environments, but equally comfortable in hot, steamy wetter settings as well.

  • Type: Agave
  • Exposure: Full sun to full exposure
  • Height: 12"-18"
  • Width: 2/2 1/2'
  • Hardy to: 10-20 degrees