Alluaudia procera

Common Name: African (Madigascan)

Alluaudia procera, commonly known as African (Madigascan) is an African Ocotillo that can grow 2-3 feet per year, even along the coast, developing into magnificent specimens of erect branches reaching for the sky. The amount of water this plant gets determines its rate of growth! Striking vertical accent growing up to 18′-20′ tall by 4′-6′ wide in the landscape. It can be very water-wise, but a lack of water will slow its growth. It’s seasonally deciduous leaves are small, green and succulent. The sculptured stems are thorny and have a beautiful, silver, metallic cast to them. Our native Ocotillos have red flowers, while the African Ocotillo has white. Full sun, tender to frost, hardy to mid 20’s.

  • Type: Cactus
  • Exposure: Full Sun
  • Height: 18 Feet
  • Hardy To: 25° F
  • Blooms: White, Summer to Fall