Aloe acutissima

Common Name: Blue Spider Aloe

Aloe acutissima, commonly known as Blue Spider Aloe is the perfect new Aloe introduction because of its manageable size, elegant leaf pattern, and glowing colors. (And that’s BEFORE it even flowers!) Leaves are an eery blue with pink margins. The pink color is carried right into the soft “toothing” along the edges. The plant rarely gets larger than two feet wide and under two feet tall, is great in full sun or part shade, and flowers in December through February. Leaves are kind of “spidery” in shape, arching outwards from the stem. Flowers arise on relatively short stems (about another 20” taller, or so), are a beautiful coral/red color and attract humming birds big-time! Hardy to mid 20’s.

  • Type: Succulent
  • Exposure: Full sun to partial shade
  • Height: 2'
  • Width: 2'
  • Hardy to: Mid 20's
  • Blooms: December to February