Aloe cameronii

Common Name: Starfish Aloe

Aloe cameronii, commonly known as Starfish Aloe is a crazy, fantastic plant with leaves that can turn completely red, especially in the winter, or when dry. Its shape when viewed from above is like peering down into the depths of underwater upon a great, big, red starfish! Its color is best contrasted against lush green succulents, or soft, verdant green ornamental grasses to really bring out the maximum contrast and complimentary color. It stays fairly low, in clumps rarely over two feet tall, but can develop some width to the cluster over time, becoming as wide as 3 to 4 feet. And, bonus upon bonus, if the leaves weren’t colorful enough, then maybe the brilliant spikes of orange flowers in the dead of winter will do it for you!

  • Type: Succulent
  • Exposure: Full Sun
  • Height: 2 Feet
  • Width: 3 Feet
  • Hardy To: 25° F
  • Blooms: Orange during Winter