Cereus peruvianus variety ‘Monstrosa’

Common Name: Totem Pole Organ Pipe Cactus

Cereus peruvianus variety ‘Monstrosa’, commonly known as Totem Pole Organ Pipe Cactus has a curious distortion of the normally symmetrical growth pattern of the parent Peruvian Organ Pipe Cactus is the cause of the unusual, highly regarded, chiseled and random shapes of each of the upright organ-pipe stems of this popular specimen plant. Retaining the blue-green coloring; and large, fragrant, night-blooming flowers of its parent it is both beautiful and bizarre from top to bottom. Achieves a mature size of 10 feet all around; full sun and prefers coastal to coastal-inland climates. Seems to be a little sensitive of the very hottest inland deserts, although a little filtered shade, or extra water and fertilizer will allow it to thrive even there. Hardy to low 20s.


  • Types: Cactus
  • Exposure: Full Sun
  • Height: 10 Feet
  • Width: 10 Feet
  • Hardy To: 22° F
  • Blooms: White, Spring