Crassula arborescens

Common Name: Cookie Plant

Crassula arborescens, commonly known as the Cookie Plant has big, fat, round, blue-grey leaves are held on stocky stems, growing very slowly. Each leaf has a nice red margin highlighting its striking grays. One of the most enduring and striking of permanent landscape succulent shrubs, giving decades of service. Likes full sun in the areas of the coast and coastal plain. Is unaffected by salt spray, so it works well right up to the coast. In the hottest inland desert areas, it needs a little shade, and is actually quite tolerant of partial, or filtered shade, everywhere. Very water-wise, but is appreciative of additional watering. Will not cause problems even if given frequent and regular garden watering.

  • Types: Succulent
  • Exposure: Full Sun
  • Height: 3 Feet
  • Width: 3 Feet