Crassula perforata

Common Name: Pagoda Plant

Crassula perforata, commonly known as Pagoda Plant has little, button like, flat grey-green leaves bordered with red edges. Even upon close inspection, it is hard to tell if the leaves grew first and then the stem was poked in through the center, or if the stem grew first and then somebody strung the leaves on it. The leaves end up being arranged flat, and neatly stacked parallel above each other like tiny pagodas. Growing in little clumps, they spread a little bit. Full sun is fine, but this little succulent really loves a little bit of dappled shade. Tender to frost. Flowers are fairly insignificant, a pale whitish green, and tiny. It’s all about the cool leaves! Use in containers, small spots, and rock gardens, or as little borders to succulent gardens.

  • Type: Succulent
  • Exposure: Full Sun to Part Shade
  • Height: 8 Inches
  • Width: 1 Foot 6 Inches
  • Hardy To: 30° F
  • Blooms: White