Draceana draco

Common Name: Dragon’s Blood Tree

Draceana draco, commonly known as Dragon’s Blood Tree, these ancient specimens are world famous for their “Popeye-arm” branches, sculptural trunks, and intrinsic value. It is said that the red resin that bleeds from wounds on the trunk has been used for the beautiful stain on the wood of Straduvarius violins! In the landscape, they are like installing a striking and expensive piece of sculpture as the candelabra arms start to build girth and create their “umbrella” of strap like foliage. Must be planted and grown in freeze-free, coastal areas. There are renown plants at Lotus Land, Hotel del Coronada, and the most famous and oldest one on the island of Tenirife, Africa. Slow, up to 20’ high and same as wide, on VERY old specimens.

  • Type: Tree
  • Exposure: Full sun to partial shade
  • Height: 20'
  • Hardy to: 30's