Euphorbia balsamifera

Common Name: African Balsam Bush

Euphorbia balsamifera, commonly known as the African Balsam Bush. OK, “…it’s a bush,” you say. And if you just grow it and do nothing, it kind of just looks like that. But with just a little pruning and shaping it becomes the most beautiful, ming-like, miniature tree that is the perfect upright plant for large potted specimens, potted groupings and feature planters. Soft, limey colored foliage layers above ancient looking, baobob-like trunks give the feeling of a tiny African safari. Drought tolerant, very permanent and enduring; lasting and living many more decades than the original owner. Specimens become like cherished members of the family. Full sun; hardy to mid-20’s. Extremely rare!

  • Type: Shrub
  • Exposure: Full sun
  • Hardy to: Mid 20's