Euphorbia lambii

Common Name: Truffula Tree

Euphorbia lambii, commonly known as Truffula Tree is a very odd and fantastic looking “miniature tree” usually to 6’ tall, or so, looks like “pom-pom” heads on sticks. It’s actually a succulent Euphorbia from the island of Madagascar. In the winter (its active growing season) it starts growing rapidly in the cool weather and then forms bursts of chartruese colored flowers on the canopy. Trunks never get wider than a few inches in diameter. This is a really beautiful center-piece plant in large containers! A lot of times, pruning some of the lower branches to raise up the canopy enhances the look. Can come up from seed in the garden quite readily. Hardy to the mid 20s. Reduce watering during its summer dormant season. Full sun is best, but O.K. in filtered shade, too. Very drought tolerant when established. Coastal and inland climates good, but does not do well in desert heat.

  • Type: Euphorbia
  • Exposure: Full Sun to Partial Shade
  • Hardy to: Mid 20's
  • Blooms: Winter