Gasteria sp.

Common Name: Lizard Lips

This is a strange, small, succulent plant with short, stout leaves. Not a landscaping plant! It is a slow growing curiosity plant that should only be used for containers or tucked into close spaces in rock gardens. Growing in the cover of grasses and under shrubbery in its native habitat, it likes part shade to quite a lot of shade. You’ve never seen a weird plant like it! It has a leathery, bumpy skin, that looks like the rough exterior surface of desert reptiles! The bumps are white against the dark green background of the leaves. If weirdness alone doesn’t do it for you, then wait for spring when it sends out beautiful coral and chartreuse colored flowers, like hanging bells, on long, slender stems. It will very slowly form a clump up to 1ft wide, and can live to be decades old. This is one of the few succulents that can tolerate the low-light conditions of indoor growing. The long flower stems hold up very well as cut flowers. Frost tender; normal garden watering with brief dry intervals, to quite dry.

  • Type: Succulent
  • Exposure: Full Sun to Part Shade
  • Height: 6 Inches
  • Width: 1 Foot
  • Hardy To: 30° F
  • Blooms: Coral