Hemerocallis hyb. Short Primo

Common Name: Short Primo

Hemerocallis hyb. Short Primo, commonly known as Short Primo is a rich, exuberant, hot red daylily with a cheerful orange center on rich green, straplike foliage. ‘Short Primo’ is almost identical to our variety ‘Primo’ only shorter! Great flowering performance on a semi-dwarf plant (20”) and flower stems not much taller, so a very good daylily for a line-of-sight visibility concerns where you might want hundreds of an incredible red daylily in a center median of a street, or for parking lot dividers. Flowers are star shape with triangular petals. Full sun, regular garden watering or deep waterings with 1 week dry-intervals, hardy to sub-0 temperatures. Avoit hot, summer desert sun.

  • Type: Day Lily
  • Exposure: Full Sun
  • Height: 1 Feet 8 Inches
  • Width: 1 Feet 3 Inches
  • Blooms: Red, Spring - Fall