Hildewintera aurispina

Common Name: Golden Fox Cactus

Slender, arching stems, covered with intensely colored brilliant yellow-gold spines and bearing multitudes of coral-red colored flowers up and down the stem during much of the summer and fall. Never growing much more than 2′-2.5′ tall, it can ultimately sprawl wider, up to 3.5 feet or so. Full sun in cooler climates, but may need some partial shade protection from scorching in the hottest desert areas. Hardy to high 20’s; needs more frequent waterings and fertilizer to look its best than most other cactus varieties. Is some times grown as a hanging basket because of the arching habit of its branches.

  • Type: Cactus
  • Exposure: Full Sun/Part Shade
  • Height: 2 Feet
  • Width: 3 Feet 6 Inches
  • Hardy To: 28° F
  • Blooms: Pink, Summer to Fall