Lemaireocereus thurberii

Common Name: Arizona Organ Pipe Cactus

Lemaireocereus thurberii, commonly known as Arizona Organ Pipe Cactus is one of our national treasures from the deserts of southern Arizona, this rare and slow growing specimen plant has black, short, needle-like spines against dark green bodies of husky, upright, columnar stems, branching from the base like the pipes of a huge organ growing up to 8-10 feet tall. Small, light pink, night blooming flowers form along the upper sides of the columns. Full sun, hardy to mid 20s, requires careful drainage (mound) and reduced winter watering in cooler coastal areas. When the warm growing season sets on, or most of the year in hot inland deserts, appreciates more frequent waterings and fertilizer for optimum growth and lush, dark green color.

  • Type: Cactus
  • Exposure: Full Sun
  • Height: 9 Feet
  • Hardy To: 25° F
  • Blooms: Light Pink