Lygeum Spartum

Common Name: Dwarf Esparto Grass

Lygeum Spartum, commonly known as Dwarf Esparto Grass. Not many ornamental grass varieties to choose from, that are truly drought tolerant (or can grow in wetter conditions as well) and that don’t get too big. Of course, if you could have a grass like that, you’d want it to be evergreen year-round. The only thing close so far, has been Stipa (Nasselia) Mexican Feather Grass- but it has problems. Lygeum is not invasive, and can be pruned to the ground any time of year to freshen it up. Its “husk-like” flowers add months of charm to the soft, thin foliage!  Low seed viability (we have never seen a seedling in 6 years of growing). Clumping in habit, to 2’ overall.  Hardy to low teens. Good in heat.

  • Type: Ornamental Grass
  • Exposure: Full Sun
  • Height: 2 Foot
  • Width: 3 Feet
  • Hardy: To Low Teens
  • Blooms: Spring/Summer/Fall