Mangave (hyb.) ‘Jaguar’

Common Name: Mangave ‘Jaguar’

Manfreda Hybrid ‘Jaguar’, commonly known as Mangave ‘Jaguar’ is a cross between a true Agave, and a more leafy plant in the lily family, Manfreda creating the dark green leaves generously patterned with inky, burgundy spots, that give this plant its “jaguar” impression. Leaves are soft, upright and slightly curving outward, in lush clumps to about 20″ high, and up to 2′ wide with NO THORNS. A few impressive and interesting slender flower stems up to 8′ high arise quickly in late summer… very interesting, but flowers themselves are non-remarkable in color. Flower stems do not destroy the base of the plant upon their decline, as in the case of pure Agave, so simply snip them off at the base when they are done. Versatile in water requirements, tolerating wet or poorly drained conditions, as well as drier applications. Hardy to low 20’s. Full sun to partial shade.

Mangave ‘Jaguar’ Video

  • Type: Agave
  • Exposure: Full sun
  • Height: 20"
  • Width: 2'
  • Hardy to: Low 20's
  • Blooms: Late summer