Tacinga inamoena ‘Marlon’s Dwarf’

Common Name: “Little Lita” Prickly Pear

Tacinga inamoena ‘Marlon’s Dwarf’ is a verdant green little prickly pear cactus from the tropics, with small pads usually 2-3”, is frequently garlanded with brilliant orange-red flowers designed specifically to attract hummingbirds as pollinator. Has no thorns, and only the smallest of little bristles. Excellent for landscape “nooks”, or pots.  Great indoor subject, too, in hot sunny windows. Full sun to filtered shade outdoors. Is tender to freeze.  Fertilize in spring and summer to assure deep green color and continuing flowers. Tender to frost/freeze. Likes fairly abundant water compared to other cacti. Tender new pads can be prepared, cooked and eaten, just like other so called “tuna” cactus (but smaller). Quite delicious!