Salvia farinaceae ‘Lavender Fields’ (R)

Common Name: ‘Lavender Fields’(R) Sage

In many warm climates, our love affair with Lavenders is crushed because of their propensity to die-off, especially in the warm summer months. Now there is a plant that has their beautiful lavender look-alike appearance  …without the problems! Salvia farinaceae (R), commonly known as ‘Lavender Fields’(R) Sage isn’t sensitive to summer watering, and yet is certainly waterwise when established. Covered with light blue-violet flowers on slender stems, 9 months out of the year.  Prune back hard occassionaly to freshen up, as it grows back very quickly. It likes full sun, and is hardy to 0 degrees.  In cold temperatures (sub-teens) it may go winter deciduous, and re-grow in the spring.

Salvia ‘Lavender Fields’ is a Registered Trademark of Designed II, LLC dba Waterwise Botanicals.

  • Type: Perennial Shrub
  • Exposure: Full Sun
  • Hardy to: 0 degrees
  • Blooms: Spring to Fall