WwB Cards: (What Would Be)... A good plant recommendation from Waterwise Botanicals?"

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Dear Architect, Designer, or Professional Landscape Contractor,

Welcome to a special series of waterwise landscaping information from Waterwise Botanicals! So often, as you plan and design, you’re wondering what plants from the palette you should use. “WwB (What would be)… a good plant recommendation?” are simple descriptive plant variety cards that assist you in selecting the right plant, and often remind you of what might be a good substitution for, or improvement on, what you’re already thinking about using. “WwB”… Waterwise Botanicals.

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Waterwise Botanicals

  • Centaurea ragusina – Snowflake Dusty Miller

  • Aeonium ‘Plum Petals’

  • Agave ‘Moonshine’

  • Aloe Bainesii

  • Aloe ‘Blue Elf’

  • Aloe cameronii – Starfish Aloe

  • Aloe camperi – ‘Popcorn Aloe’

  • Aloe rudikoppe – ‘Little Gem Aloe’

  • Aloe striata hybrid – Ghost Aloe

  • Crassula arborescens undulatifolia “Ripple Jade”

  • Crassula multicava – Emerald Jade Carpet

  • Echeveria Sahara

  • Jasminum angularae – South African Jasmine

  • Lygeum Spartum “Dwarf Esparto Grass”

  • Miscanthus hyb. ‘Sentinel’ – Maiden Grass

  • Portulacaria afra minima ‘Elephant Mat’

  • Rose – Old Gayhill Red China

  • Rose – Pink Cadillac

  • Rose – Sharon’s Delight

  • Rose – Spanish Red

WwB Cards: (What Would Be)... A good Opuntia recommendation From Waterwise Botanicals?

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  • Opuntia “Baby Rita”

  • Opuntia basilaris ‘Caudata’

  • Opuntia “Coombe’s Winter Glow”

  • Opuntia “Desert Skies”

  • Opuntia erinaceae

  • Opuntia “Fiesta”

  • Opuntia Fulgida

  • Opuntia Macrocentra

  • Opuntia “Mon Cherry”

  • Opuntia “Orange Chiffon”

  • Opuntia “Piña Colada”

  • Opuntia “Pinta Rita”

  • Opuntia polycantha “Nebraska Orange”

  • Opuntia rhodantha “Grand Mesa Peach”

  • Opuntia rhodantha “Snowball”

  • Opuntia Spinosior

  • Opuntia “Tommy Boy”

  • Opuntia Utahensis Hybrid “Nel Pastel”

  • Opuntia utahensis hybrid “Party Favor”

  • Opuntia utahensis hybrid “Sparkles”

  • Opuntia Whipplei